T Mobile Unveils 5G for US Consumers, but There Are A Few Limitations

Just after rival Verizon Cellular unveiled its 5G network, T Mobile is ready to counter the move. It has responded by launching its version of 5G Network in the USA. The company is offering a low-band 600 MHz network, as of now. This will definitely be fast but not on the same level as Verizon. John Legere, the T-Mobile CEO, however, sounded upbeat on the 5G service rollout. He said the company would set up a deep nationwide 5G network for the mass and business users. The nice thing about T-Mobile’s 5G coverage is that it is way more extensive than Sprint and Verizon. The latter two are setting focus only on the big cities.

Apart from the relatively slower network speed, the 5G network of T Mobile has another temporary hurdle to cope with. The TV stations were earlier using the 600MHz airwaves used by the company. So, it will take some time for these TV stations to move out. Mark McDiarmid, the SVP of T Mobile’s network technology, said it might lead to delayed launch in places like Florida and Carolinas. The T Mobile subscribers seeking better speed and technological edge may be excited about the 5G rollout, but the limitations are there. There are simply not enough 5G ready handsets to take advantage of the enhanced speed! The company says it will launch more than a dozen 5G-compatible phones next year. Two of these will be the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren edition and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G by Samsung. Now, both of these are high-end Android models, and so a lot of subscribers can’t afford them. However, both are now accessible through pre-order.

Theoretically, 5G offers stellar speed and many additional advantages over 4G and older networks. However, in the initial days, the users will have to deal with less than promised goodies, and the same is true of the T Mobile users. The good thing is 5G phone owners will be fewer in numbers, at least in the early stage. They will not have to put up with the company’s network congestion woes that have been seen in 4G.

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