The two largest companies in China are merging to develop a new operating system

The two largest manufacturing companies are collaborating to build a new domestic operating system. The two companies are China Standard Software (CS2C) and Tianjin Kylin Information (TKC). They announced the plan two build a new operating system in the last week. Both CS2C and TKC are well-known companies in the Chinese market. CS2C created Neokylin OS, which is a clone of Windows XP for china. TKC is the administrator of China’s first home-grown OS Kylin. Now, CS2C and TKC are planning to build a new operating system in which both of them will be investors. The new joint company will develop a new operating system, and will make technological decisions. Moreover, the marketing, finance, and sales department will also be under the new joint company.

The two companies, CS2C, and TKC, had a verbal agreement on new investment plans. They shared this information in a joint press conference held on December 6. According to both the companies, Kylin and Neokylin will serve as the base for the new operating system. As a symbol of the merger between the two companies, the logo of the new OS will combine the logos of both the base operating systems. However, the company has not decided on the name of this new operating system. The primary origin of the original Kylin OS developed in 2001. The academics from the National University of Defence Technology developed the original Kylin.

The development of original Kylin was based on FreeBSD and the famous 863 programs. 863 program was a government-established fund for the development of local technology to make China independent from foreign technologies. However, Kylin received a significant improvement in 2016. This improvement in Kylin took place when a Chinese student found out that developers of Kylin copied abundant code snippets of FreeBSD. Hence, the new development of Kylin started on the Linux kernel. The launch of the updated Kylin was in 2009 and 2014. After this, the development went to TKC. The new joint OS is also an impulse to replace foreign software.

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