Amber Heard revealed she had a secret pandemic baby in April!

Amber Heard revealed she had a secret pandemic baby in April!

Actor Amber Heard, popularly known for her work in “Aquaman” revealed that she had a secret baby daughter in April. The 35 years old actress shared the news with her fans on Thursday.

Heard welcomed her first child three months ago, and named her Oonagh Paige Heard. The baby mother shared a cute photo of her with her little girl on her social media, where Heard is lying on a bed with her daughter sleeping on her chest.

Announcing the news to the world, Amber wrote in caption, “I’m so excited to share this news with you. Four years ago, I decided I wanted to have a child. I wanted to do it on my own terms. I now appreciate how radical it is for us as women to think about one of the most fundamental parts of our destinies in this way.”

“I hope we arrive at a point in which it’s normalized to not want a ring in order to have a crib,” Amber continued. Heard wrote, “A part of me wants to uphold that my private life is none of anyone’s business. I also get that the nature of my job compels me to take control of this. My daughter was born on April 8, 2021. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. She’s the beginning of the rest of my life.”

Oonagh’s middle name “Paige” is a tribute by Amber Heard to late mother- Paige Heard, who died in May 2020. Paige Heard’s death had left Amber “heartbroken and devastated beyond belief.” On the other handm the story behind the name Oonagh is with Amber yet.

The actor’s life has now filled with joy since the arrival of her daughter after she had a few turbulent and controversial years due to her separation with Johnny Depp and legal processes that followed. Heard is currently in a relationship with cinematographer Bianca Butti.

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