Battlefield 2042 Expected to have the Most Hype Pre-Release in the Franchise

Battlefield 2042 Expected to have the Most Hype Pre-Release in the Franchise

Like its predecessors, “Battlefield 2042” is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. Since the game is set shortly, it has futuristic weapons and gadgets, such as deployable turrets and drones, and vehicles that players can take over. Players can now request to drop vehicles at any location.  The game also has a brand new “Plus” system, allowing players to customize their weapons on-site. Significant changes have been made to the class system. Players can choose to replace experts who belong to the four traditional battlefield game occupations: assault, engineer, medical, and reconnaissance. These characters can use all weapons and gadgets unlocked by the player.

Each of them also has its own unique abilities and gadgets. For example, one of the experts is equipped with a wingsuit, while the other expert is equipped with a healing pistol. The game will be launched with 10 experts. The evolution and destructive environment of “Battlefield 4” will return, and “Battlefield 2042” will also have extreme weather effects, such as tornadoes and sandstorms, which can respectively take players into a whirlpool and greatly reduce visibility.

With “Battlefield 2042”, it looks like DICE will do its best in the post-launch content of the multiplayer shooter. We know that the developer has confirmed no less than four battle passes and four seasons in the first year, but to be precise, its plans for each season have been kept secret. According to a person who claims to be aware of the situation, the seasonal content of the game appears to be the most extensive in the series to date. Tom Henderson recently announced on Twitter his knowledge of the Battlefield 2042 season plan, and there seems to be a lot more to do: Henderson has leaked details of other FPS games in the past, although he did it right, not always That’s it. In fact, he admitted that in the above tweet, his source contacted him and told him that only one map enters the Portal each season, not two.

However, if his statement is correct, players will get an expert, three maps, dangerous area upgrades, up to eight new weapons, two to three vehicles, and 100 season levels per season. This is a lot of things, and it is said that everything is free. Of course, rumors like this should be taken lightly. Apart from his own reputation, there is little to support Henderson’s claims, which is sometimes a bit inconsistent. We will definitely get official details about the post-launch plan of DICE shortly; EA still has plenty of time to share details with the content roadmap. What do you think? Will DICE bring all the above benefits to “Battlefield 2042”? Or is it ambitious and unreal? Discuss in the comments section below.