Bill Gates confirms he had an affair with a Microsoft employee, but denies being forced off the Microsoft board

Bill Gates confirms he had an affair with a Microsoft employee, but denies being forced off the Microsoft board

Melinda French Gates began speaking with divorce lawyers in late 2019. The New York Times reported that Bill Gates was in a relationship with pedophile and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein). There are more contacts, according to reports from The Times. and The Wall Street Journal. But the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday night that also in late 2019, Microsoft’s board of directors learned of a letter from a Microsoft engineer saying that he had had sex with Bill Gates years ago.

The couple announced their divorce on May 3 after 27 years of marriage. Microsoft’s board members hired a law firm to investigate the woman’s allegations and found the relationship inappropriate. In early 2020, “some board members have decided that it is no longer appropriate for Mr. Gates to serve as a director of a software company that he founded and led for decades.” “Mr. Gates may make a formal decision on this matter prior to the completion of the investigation by the board and the entire board of directors. He previously resigned.” He was re-elected in December 2019 and resigned in December 2019 within three months prior to his March 13. “

Bill Gates spokeswoman Bridgitt Arnold said in a statement: “About 20 years ago, this matter ended amicably.” “Gates’s decision to step down from the board of directors has nothing to do with this matter. In fact, he has already expressed interest in starting to dedicate more time to charity a few years ago.”

The Times reported that Melinda Gates had been lost to her ex-husband over the years, including the settlement due to sexual harassment. Bill Gates provided the couple’s convenient long-term financial advisor. “In some circles, Bill Gates is also known for his suspicious behavior in work settings,” at least in some cases, “he persecutes Microsoft and the women of Bill and Melinda Gates who have worked for the foundation.”

“The Times” reported: “It is unclear how much Ms. French Gates knows about her husband’s behavior, or to what extent it contributed to their separation.”

Spokesman Arnold told The Times: “It is disappointing that so many truths have been published about the reasons, circumstances, and timing of Bill Gates’ divorce.” She added: “The rumors surrounding Gates’ divorce. And guessing becomes more and more absurd, and sadly, people who don’t know anything about the situation are called ‘origins.’