Britney Spears addresses her fans and paparazzi about invading her space!

Britney Spears addresses her fans and paparazzi about invading her space!

Singer Britney Spears recently posted a message on her Instagram addressing fans and paparazzi for being around her all the time during her vacation at Maui, Hawaii. Britney feels her privacy is being invaded and she is not comfortable with cameras and people around her all the time.

Britney is going through a lot in her personal life due to her conservatorship case. However, ever since the case became public, Britney’s issues have advanced. Therefore, Britney addressed it on social media by posting a video and writing a big message on her caption regarding “Do’s and Don’t’s” for people invading her space.

Addressing the paparazzi, Spears wrote, “So being here in Maui is pretty crazy now … the paps know where I am and it’s really not fun!!!! It’s pretty hard going anywhere cause these silly faces keep popping up to take my picture 📸🙄 … but not only do they take my picture … they distort my body and mess with the image and it’s embarrassing 😬😳🙃 !!!!! I know my body is not perfect but I definitely do NOT look like how they portray me. It’s rude and it’s mean so paps kindly FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF 💋💋💋 !!!!

The video posted by Britney titled “DOS AND DONTS if you are a pap, fan or ANYONE in my space” states some tips suggested by the singer and advised the papz to cover more important topics. She conveyed via video, “”Don’t talk to me while I’m texting. It’s rude,”

Britney also added a clip of her walking on the beach in a red bikini showing her body and wrote, “This is my body!!!! Stop messing with my pics and editing them to a point where it’s embarrassing!!!

In the end of the video, Britney added a clip of a pride parade and stated that media and people should be covering and attending more important events. She wrote, “This is what fans and paps should be doing instead.”

Above all, the entire video is backed by Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You”, which certainly conveys Britney’s message.

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