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Californians can now Digitally access the Corona Vaccination Record!

California opened up from Covid-19 restrictions on Tuesday, with masks, social distancing, and capacity limits no longer required at most venues for vaccinated people. But businesses are largely operating on the honor system and not “carding” people. They announced on Friday that it would provide residents with digital records of coronavirus vaccinations that they can use to gain admission to businesses or activities that need confirmation of vaccination.
According to the state’s public health and technology agencies, Californians will be able to view their records from the state’s immunization registry using the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record application. It will display the same information as the coronavirus vaccination cards produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We are better enabling Californians to verify their vaccination status ensuring the state to be in a better position to encourage best practices in reducing the spread of COVID-19,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan at a press call Friday morning.
As of Thursday, more than 19 million Californians have fully vaccinated, and 3.5 million are partially vaccinated, as per the reports of Public Health. To receive their digital vaccine record, users have to input their name, date of birth, email, or phone, and then they will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. The record will include a QR code, and users can save it to their phones. In the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record portal site, if you made multiple vaccination appointments for multiple people with one phone number or email, you can get separate links for each vaccine record if you enter the requests one at a time.
Earlier this week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom assured that the system is “not a passport” or a verification requirement akin to New York’s equivalent, known as the Excelsior Pass. The portal functions only as a website rather than an app, and it’s otherwise essentially the same thing, said California’s chief technology innovation officer, Rick Klau.

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