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Genetic trails can develop customized Therapeutics for the Rare Diseases!

The treatment of rare symptom-related diseases is strictly very tiring physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. The cure of such health issues is landing on the methodology of treatment following the lengthy procedure of doctor’s visits, lab processes, experiments, and other consultations.

This is mainly termed as the ‘diagnostic odyssey’ in the world of medical science, which mainly refers to the time period taken from the initial step of the diagnosis till the final point. And the path to this cure takes around 8 years on average for any of the patients.

The owner and founder of an education and advocacy group named Personalized Medicine Coalition, in a statement, told Motherboard that the patients visit the doctor for many years and there is no clarification of the ongoing scenario. Thus, it can be claimed that the entire procedure is expensive and lengthy.

This is mainly a cycle of Abraham group, which holds both non-profit and other funded organizations from all around the health industry, which is an attempt to carry it out. And speaking about the aggregate to this issue is that the access to genetic testing must be upgraded to permit for the production of personalized therapeutics.

The traditional approach to medicine, Abraham describes, is one-size-fits-all. When a patient depicts a rare, difficult-to-diagnose symptom, their healthcare provider may try a slew of treatments with varying effectiveness, all of which have been developed to treat the largest number of patients at once, rather than to match the requirements of a specific individual.

With the personalization of the medicines, it is very tough to diagnose the symptoms which are inspected by diving straight to the roots, called the human genome. With the help of genetic chains, the samples of the patient’s DNA are collected via their skin, blood, tissue, etc.

Further, the total genetic code of the patients, all the 3-2 billion base duos are mainly analyzed for the mutation’s indications that might cause few symptoms and other fundamental disorders. However, with the examination of the information, the doctors are better at furnishing the hunt for the personalized cure for one’s disorder, or to make a person scratch.

Noatbly, Abraham noted that customized medicine represents the better paradigm in the medical field than the one-size sets- al, trial- and -error, which is what medicine is.

The experts also claim that this would be highly efficient and manageable over the last few decades, after the advent of the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health’s Human Genome Project.

A multinational team that is trying for the last 15 years is trying to set out their project the best way to determine the sequence of all the genomes within the human DNA. This was the further way to create a resource that could be utilized for carrying out the various medical practices and other studies for the upcoming time.

Significantly, this is a highly paid cost project which costs about $3 billion all-around and Abraham notes that portraying the genome of the patient can be performed within the thousands.







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