Here is how you can hide the likes on your posts on Instagram

Here is how you can hide the likes on your posts on Instagram

As of today, all Instagram users can skip tastes and views from viewing their own image and video publications. And if you really want a fully “free” not like-“experience, the application now allows you to hide the tastes and see the counters in all publications on your timeline.

Instagram considering eliminating the public as the counting of the application in your Totality while trying these new features. However, the company says it chose to make the tastes optional for users who prefer to “focus on the photos and videos that are shared, instead of how many like publications, while He leaves functionality in his position.

Renewing the public aspects in all posts. ‘T I have a lot of sense, anyway, I like Instagrammates, they are an important audience commitment metric for brands and influencers. , the tastes can also be a distraction; not all those who use Instagram are looking to build a huge next, and have the option to turn them off is excellent pa Ra those who prefer to simply focus on sharing and navigating publications without being hit in the face with analysis and popularity.

How to hide views and likes on your own Instagram posts

Although it is currently not possible to hide the top view and view of all posts by default, you can easily turn off (or open) the like counter of any new or existing post. This prevents other users from seeing how many likes the post has received, but you will still be notified every time the post is liked.

Hide likes on a new Instagram post

  • Create a new post.

  • Tap on “Advanced Settings” in the bottom section of the final editing tab where you add the post’s caption.

  • Enable “Hide Likes and View count for this post.”

  • Go back to the editing screen, then tap the tick box to create your post.

Hide likes on existing Instagram posts

  • Go to your Instagram profile and open a post.
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right, then select “Hide Like Count.”
  • Repeat for each post you want to hide likes on. You can turn this feature on or off at any time after posting.

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