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House fire tragically claims the lives of a couple and their 14-year-old boy

Authorities say that a family of three—mother, father, and their teenage son—have tragically lost their lives in an early morning fire that engulfed their home. The incident occurred at around 2 am on Monday, June 21, in Pottstown. 

According to ABC News’s WPVI station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was located about 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. A fire engulfed the family’s home. A neighbor who noticed the fire notified a policeman who was in the area at the time.

Montgomery County Coroner’s Office Deputy Chief Coroner Alexander Balicki confirmed to people that Joseph Norton, 48, was pronounced dead at Pottstown Hospital on Monday, and Norton’s cause of death was listed as inhalation, Smoke and soot, and the way they died. His 47-year-old wife Bernadette Norton was rushed to Lehigh Valley-Cedar Crest Hospital and was pronounced dead on Monday night. The Lehigh County Coroner’s Office did not immediately respond. In response to people’s requests for comment, he told Daily Voice. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office will not reveal the identity of your son because he is a minor, but WPVI reports that he is 14 years old.

After the incident, neighbor Christopher Azukas said in an interview with WPVI: “From the windows of our house, I can see some flames coming out from there, but there is a lot of smoke. There is a lot of smoke.” It was her daughter who first noticed the fire and notified the authorities. “She ran out to call him and said that the house over there was on fire,” he said. Firefighters rushed to the scene quickly and tried to rescue the family from the burning house, but failed. However, the authorities were able to save the people living in the house where the fire started. 

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has so far only confirmed the identity of his father Joseph Norton, who is 48 years old, and confirmed that he died of smoke and soot at Pottstown Hospital. According to WPVI, the mother’s name and the name of her 14-year-old son have not yet been released. Azukas said the family kept secrets, but he often saw them spending time together in his garden. 

“[This boy] is very interested in baseball, so I sometimes see him in the backyard, sometimes practicing baseball, and so on,” Azukas told WPVI. “I will see him and his father going to watch games on weekends and so on, but that’s the truth.”

It is investigating how the fire started, although it is still unclear what might be the cause of the fire. Officials told WPVI, They know how the fire started, but they are not ready to release it. However, the authorities confirmed to WPVI that the family’s house did not appear to have a working smoke detector, which may have contributed to the spread of the fire.

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