Lenovo Go adds many accessories for multitasking

Lenovo Go adds many accessories for multitasking

Lenovo Go has added nearly ten new products to its product portfolio like wireless charging kits, wireless power adapters, USB Type-C mice, etc. Lenovo Go was just released last month, focusing on accessories. According to Lenovo, the brand “is designed to solve common performance issues, such as multitasking across multiple devices, low battery loss, etc.” Lenovo Go Central software helps users manage and control mouse and headset compatibility through a single application.

Accessories. Lenovo Go’s new product portfolio was released on June 23. Lenovo has launched the Lenovo Go multi-device wireless mouse and Lenovo Go USB TypeC laptop power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. The Lenovo sub-brand has expanded its product portfolio and introduced more than ten new products, which are mainly divided into three categories: performance, input and sound.

In July 2021, Lenovo Go Power devices include Lenovo Go USBC wireless charging kit and Lenovo Go wireless power bank. The former is suitable for many 13- and 14-inch laptops that support loads up to 65 W. The wireless charger uses Energysquare’s patented Power by Contact technology. The price is 139 euros (approximately 12,300 rupees). The wireless power bank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh and can charge devices up to 30 W, one of which is charged via a wireless Qi connection. Two via USB Type C cost 69 Euros (approximately Rs 6,100).

One of Lenovo Go’s new input devices is the Lenovo Go USB-C wireless mouse, which has a battery life of up to three months. It also has programmable service buttons and adjustable DPI. It sells for 36 euros (approximately 3,200 rupees). Another device in the product portfolio is the Lenovo Go wireless vertical mouse, which is very ergonomic. It uses a cork material coated with ultraviolet rays and is equipped with six programmable buttons the price is 49 euros (approximately 4300 rupees).

There are also wired and wireless Lenovo Go headsets with ANC functionality, which can be connected via USB Type C or USB Type A, and the price is 99 Euros (approximately Rs 8,800). The wireless ones are priced at 159 Euros (approximately 14,000 rupees), have dual Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected via USB Type-C, which means that they can also be charged at the same time. Both headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams.

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