Low Vaccination rate and the Delta Variant holding USA back from reaching herd immunity!

Low Vaccination rate and the Delta Variant holding USA back from reaching herd immunity!

Although President Joe Biden had aimed to achieve herd immunity throughout the nation, the goal doesn’t seem to be reached any time soon.

The health experts from the United States have stated that it has become harder for the country to reach herd immunity given that there are so many areas in the country which have low vaccination rates and the increasing cases of the comparatively dangerous Delta variant in the citizens.

As Dr. Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary at the US Department of Health and Human Services told, “We don’t exactly know what the herd immunity percentage would be for Covid-19. It would be different for the Delta variant, and higher, because it is more transmissible.” She added, “But we know … that people who are vaccinated are protected against this Delta variant. And they’re extremely unlikely to get sick and it’s virtually impossible for them to require hospitalizations,”

President Joe Biden also shared his concern over the situation as his goal of having 70% of US adults received at least one shot of vaccine by the Fourth of July isn’t reaching their on time. Biden said on Friday, “I am concerned that people who have not gotten vaccinated have the capacity to catch the variant and spread the variant to other people who haven’t been vaccinated.”

The President added, “I’m not concerned there’s going to be a major outbreak … another epidemic nationwide. But I am concerned lives will be lost,”

The major concern at the time is the quick spread of the Delta variant, which is highly fatal and dangerous than the previous variants. Dr. Fredrick Echols, the acting director of the City of St. Louis Department of Health stated, “As we monitor the Delta variant, we are seeing that it’s spreading fast, and data shows it is more infectious and impacting younger segments of the population,”

As told by the CNN analyst Dr. Leana Wen, the states with the lowest vaccination rates are facing an even higher percentage of the Delta variant in new cases. Wen said. “I think we have to keep in mind, too, the statistics of who is getting ill. By and large, it is unvaccinated people.”

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