Manchester United’s Aim for the Title Looks Optimistic

Manchester United’s Aim for the Title Looks Optimistic

Before coming to England, Solskjaer played for the Norwegian clubs Kraussenengen and Molde. In 1996, he joined Manchester United with a transfer fee of 1.5 million pounds. Nicknamed the “baby-faced killer”, he played 366 times for Manchester United and scored 126 goals during his successful playing for the club. He is considered a “super bench” because he has the ability to come off the bench and score late goals. In the 1999 UEFA Champions League final injury time, he scored the winning goal in the final moments against Bayern Munich. Manchester United fell 1-0 in the 90 minutes of the game, winning the triple crown for Manchester United. In 2007, Solskjaer failed to recover due to a serious knee injury and announced his retirement. Solskjaer remains at Manchester United as a coach and ambassador. In 2008, Solskjaer became the head coach of the club’s reserve team. He returned to his home country in 2011 to lead his former club, Molde. 

In the first two seasons he played for the club, he led the team to the first two Tipperary Garn titles. In the 2013 Norwegian Football Cup final, he won his third title in multiple seasons. In 2014, he served as the coach of Cardiff City during which the club was relegated from the Premier League. At the end of 2018, Manchester United appointed Solskjaer as interim coach, replacing Jose Mourinho for the remainder of the 2018-19 season. On March 28, 2019, after winning 14 of the 19 games he coached, Solskjaer signed a three-year permanent contract with Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is used to questions about titles and transfers, but the Manchester United manager is still learning the art of dealing with sensitive issues on a hot topic: the vaccine issue and Solskjær has no hesitation in stating that Manchester United can win the Premier League season. . When it comes to his employees still reluctant to get the Covid vaccine, his attitude is even more contradictory. In football, this is an increasingly difficult problem, and some players worry that the injection will have a negative impact on their careers. If you are fully vaccinated, others are not so sure,” said Solskjær, who signed a three-year contract extension last month. “We will hold bigger meetings [to educate the team on vaccines]. It’s important that everyone understands what it means.” Solskjær knows that if there is no universal vaccine, the possibility of confusion will be greater, and people are desperate to get rid of the need for Covid’s restrictive security team bubble. 

Be the Norwegian’s nine players When positive evidence of lateral movement was recorded, Manchester United canceled the friendly match against Preston. “Then the next day, when we performed the appropriate PCR test, the results were all negative,” he said. “If this happened to you. Before the league games, that will be a problem. “We spent a lot of time preparing; we left the training camp for a few days. “Football players have the privilege: when the rest of the world is closed, we can play, but now we have to be very careful. This is the sacrifice we must make to play football. This is a difficult situation because the players’ lives are not normal. “One of the most unusual aspects is the chronic lack of interaction with fans. “Signing the kids, taking photos with them, we want to do all of this, but we can’t,” Solskjær said. “It’s difficult. We want to participate, but we cannot. This is difficult (hard.” The 48-year-old player’s most pressing challenge is also the same: ending the club’s four-year trophy drought. The arrival of Dortmund’s English winger Sancho and Real Madrid’s French defender Rafael Varane should help, but a good start is imperative. “Pep [Guardiola] said you can’t win the league in the first eight games, but you might lose the chance to win it,’ this It’s what happened to us last season,” Solskjaer said. Given that Manchester United finished second and entered last season’s Europa League final, are they now strong enough to ensure the glory of the Premier League and/or Champions League? I would rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right,” Solskjær said. “Of course, these guys can, with the greatest effort and the greatest sacrifice.” It looks like this upcoming season is one of the strongest in the Premier League. 

Manchester City and Liverpool have been fighting for a while, but Chelsea have done a good job with us, and we should consider ourselves as potential opponents.” Ole Gunnar Solskjær enjoys the FA Cup victory over Liverpool in January. Liverpool is hoping to compete for the title. One of the teams. Ole Gunnar Solskjær enjoys the FA Cup victory over Liverpool in January, Liverpool is one of the teams hoping to compete for the title. He firmly believes that there is a motto of “I” in the team. “We are a family here, no one is greater than the team, which is very important to me,” he said. “The only normal place for these guys is when they play football. When they are with friends or in the city, this is a very important thing. But when they come here, they feel like one of the others. This is how it feels when I play for this club with Sir Alex [Ferguson]. We are all standing together for one reason.” That task, the accumulation of trophies, is still in progress. “There is always pressure to win leagues and trophies,” Solskjær said. “It doesn’t matter if you have a 10-year contract. ; If you do not do it right, you go “You have been feeling stressed. This is not just to keep your job, but the responsibility in my hands.” 

We have millions of fans.” Good goalkeepers are a common denominator of teams that have won trophies, but Solskjaer still doesn’t know the strength of David De Gea and Dean Henderson and whether they can be loaned.” This is healthy competition,” he said. “If you are too comfortable, you can’t play your best side, but it must be healthy for the team. If it is toxic, you are consuming energy. Last year was a new situation for David and Dean. Let’s see how it works.” David de Gea (left) and Dean Henderson took a photo in January. Solskjær says competition cannot become “toxic.” David de Gea and Dean Henderson January. Solskjær said that competition cannot become “toxic.” It seems that the French midfielder will stay. “Paul is always a very positive person,” Solskjaer said. “My conversations with him were positive.” It is worth noting that Pogba’s sometimes annoying handling of Solskjær seems to be as clever as he hired Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani. “We make the players stronger and ready to meet the challenge of becoming a Manchester United player,” he said. “It’s different from playing for any other team. Everyone knows that the demands and expectations are higher. There are a lot of good players out there, but some people just can’t stand the pressure. It’s about getting the right role. 

We proved this with Edinson last year. Bringing Edi is very important and points the way for many others. “You must be mentally strong and strong. You can’t be rude in this club, because then you can knock on my door and say, “This is not for me.” “You have to deal with the ups and downs. You have to trust and believe in yourself, not show off. I like arrogance and confidence on the court, but I don’t like arrogance.