Miami Police in search of the shooters & escape vehicle involved in Miami-Dade mass shooting

Miami Police in search of the shooters & escape vehicle involved in Miami-Dade mass shooting

Three men wearing ski masks and hooded sweatshirts ambushed a group of people early on Sunday morning at a club in Northwest Dade, Miami, and left a rap album release concert, releasing a series of gunshots, killing two people More than 20 people were killed and the police said it was the most serious explosion.

Miami-Dade Police Chief Alfredo Freddie Ramirez said that the shooting occurred shortly after midnight when three armed shooters showed up with pistols and semi-automatic rifles. Dozens of bullets were fired from a white Nissan Pathfinder, “indiscriminately” at the crowd gathered at the rap concert outside the Elmira Ballroom near the Miami Country Club. Ramirez told the Miami Herald that the shooters sat patiently in the car, waiting for the target (or targets) to leave the club and then left the truck to take aim. Ramirez said that some unidentified people in the crowd reacted to the suspect.

The situation was so chaotic that medical staff, friends, and family sent the victims to multiple hospitals in Miami-Dade County and Broward County so that the police are still trying to identify everyone who was shot on Sunday afternoon. Detective Angel Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade police, said the Miami-Dade Fire Department sent eight wounded to Miami-Dade Hospital and Broward Hospital. He said that at least twelve victims went to various hospitals by themselves, and the two killed in the shooting were declared dead at the scene. Investigators have not yet determined any victims, suspects, or motives of the shooting. But Ramirez said at a press conference in front of the country club shopping center where the shooting took place that the recent attack was “absolutely not random.” Ramirez said: “This type of gun violence must be stopped.”

Anyone who asks for information about the shooting and advertises on Twitter that a Miami businessman is offering a reward of $100,000 to those who are willing to provide information to lead to arrest. “Every weekend is the same. This is a goal.” The police scanning the scene on Sunday morning found dozens of cartridge cases. They searched social media and planned to have the police on duty work in every other political party in the town.

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