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Montana governor signs bill banning transgender girls from girls’ sports in schools

Greg Gianforte

According to state legislature records, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill Friday to ban trans girls from participating in girls’ sports in schools. Gianforte signed House Bill 112 two weeks after the final version. The bill was approved by both houses of the state legislature. 

Nearly three states have proposed bills aimed at curbing the rights of transgender people across the country, and several advocacy organizations have called 2021 a record year for such bills. Many of these bills are rapidly passing through the state legislature. Montana’s bill (sponsored under the title “Sports to Save Women Act”) states that non-mixed sports must be “gender-based” and “female and female sports”; otherwise, girls may not be open to boys. “Out of fear of the opposition and the possibility of losing federal funding for education due to the problem, the state Senate added a clause that will automatically be repealed if the US Department of Education finds new regulations. 

After the signing of the draft law, the human rights movement is pushing forward. He wrote: “Sport is for everyone.” “This law is wrong. The NCAA did not directly indicate whether they will withdraw from the state playoffs if the law passes but issued a statement in January stating: “The association’s transgender student-athlete participation policy and other issues Zhou, Ji Anfuert signed the Project Senate Bill No. 280, which does not allow transgender residents to change the gender on their birth certificates unless they present a surgical certificate that meets gender requirements.

In a series of measures related to tax cuts in the last week, he did not publicly agree to pass any laws that affect transgender residents (as of Friday afternoon). CNN has left information about him, the chief of staff. and the press secretary. States have also introduced bills that prohibit transgender athletes from participating in sports that match their gender identity. Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee have enacted these bills this year.

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