New Apple Batterypack to Be Launched Soon!!

New Apple Batterypack to Be Launched Soon!!

According to Bloomberg News, Apple requires suppliers to increase the production of its next-generation iPhone by 20%. Although the mobile phone manufacturer regarded it as a “super cycle” last year, its production data for 2020 has increased significantly, and the new 5G model provides consumers with faster wireless network access than operators provide . Bloomberg reported that, citing people familiar with the matter, that from product release to the end of the year, Apple has maintained a production level of about 75 million devices. According to reports, the company is now looking for as many as 90 million new iPhones. According to the report, the actual production quantity may be several million less than the target, but an Apple spokesperson was not immediately contacted to comment on the report.

As operators expand the footprint of newer and faster networks worldwide, renew. They added that ordinary consumers rather than early adopters have more reasons to buy 5G-equipped iPhones. Credit Suisse estimates that iPhone sales this year will be 234 million units, 237 million units in 2022, and 249 million units in 2023. Apple stopped reporting iPhone sales, but reported in its second-quarter earnings report that iPhone revenue was US$47.94 billion, an increase of 65.5% year-on-year. Credit Suisse analysts said in the report: “We have seen good momentum in the iPhone 12 cycle, with a richer product portfolio, coupled with unit growth with a lower base.” “As time goes on, we are still thinking about 5G as the iPhone.

The updated catalyst is optimistic, but we believe that as the focus shifts from early adopters to Pro models, and the widespread penetration of more than 1 billion in Apple’s iPhone user base, we believe the momentum may slow down. Coverage and use of mature 5G cases “. Analysts said that this year’s new iPhone may provide evolutionary updates over the 2020 models, such as improved displays, cameras, and processors, but the iPhone’s long-term changes, such as the final foldable design and larger screen 5G iPhone SE models will help continue to drive the purchase of new iPhones.

Apple announced a battery pack on Tuesday that is located on the back of the iPhone 12 to provide longer battery life. If the iPhone battery is almost dead, it will help people extend the life of the iPhone battery. The MagSafe battery pack costs $99 and is available in white. Pre-order now and shipment will start next week. Although it is located on the back of the iPhone, it can charge the phone at 5 watts, which is about the same as the old square iPhone wall charger, but slower than the 15 watts obtained from the charger. Normal MagSafe. When connected to the iPhone, users can connect the data cable to its Lightning port to charge the battery and device at a faster speed. Like other Apple accessories, it is tightly integrated with the iPhone’s operating system to showcase the extra battery life in iOS.

The product launched this week is the latest in a series of accessories using Apple’s MagSafe system, which was launched with the new iPhone last fall. In the survey, additional battery life is always one of the primary features consumers want smartphones to have. Apple has released battery extension boxes in the past, but without MagSafe, Apple’s smart battery box must be physically connected to the iPhone’s port to charge it. Apple has not released official estimates of battery life or charging capacity, but product photos show that the current of the MagSafe battery is 1,460 mAh per hour, slightly less than half of the 3,110 mAh battery in the iPhone 12.