New PS5 Beta Software Now Allows Users to Upgrade their SSD

New PS5 Beta Software Now Allows Users to Upgrade their SSD

Sony announced many years ago that PS5 will include an SSD expansion slot, but it also said that the feature will not be available when it is released. Now, eight months after the console’s debut, the storage expansion is finally here, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on Thursday. The beta version 2.0 of the next PS5 system software update is being launched for some PlayStation users who have chosen to participate. Sony Beta testing is planned in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Beta users can try M.2 SSD storage expansion on PS5, which will support the 825GB internal storage built into the console (of which 667.2GB is available for user access). On Thursday, Sony Interactive Entertainment released M.2 SSD storage specifications and installation instructions on the PlayStation website. Users can add 250GB to 4TB of storage space for PS5. Otherwise, Sony’s requirements seem very specific. Although these specifications are very limited, technology sites like Digital Foundry have been able to compile a list of the best SSDs compatible with PlayStation 5.

It is worth noting that Sony warned gamers in their announcement that these features can be removed from the update. , Which means that users may have to uninstall their secondary SSD before publicly releasing the update. Software update 2.0. However, the update also brought some nice quality of life improvements. Players of the beta version can activate the new 3D audio settings specifically designed for TV speakers. The system will use the built-in microphone of the DualSense controller to track the acoustics of the room, enhancing the sound without any surround sound equipment.

The newly updated PS5 rolling game library will become clearer, and PS4 and PS5 will be installed separately. same. Games should reduce some confusion when updating the game version. In addition, users will be able to customize the control center by moving and removing items, and the control center will also have a more accessible party and messaging system to help players socialize more easily.

The Friends tab will also be updated to show players the number of friends they have online, busy or offline, and allow users to accept or reject multiple friend requests at once. PlayStation Now will provide streaming tests and allow players to choose 720p or 1080p resolution. When players beat their personal best in certain game challenges, PS5 will also automatically capture video clips. Players can also offer new “leadership” awards to other players after multiplayer matches. Finally, the new Trophy Tracker feature allows users to select up to five trophies in a given game, and these trophies will appear in the control center for easy access. PS5 system software update 2.0 is expected to go online later this year.