New Samsung Initiative Will Allow You to Make Use of Your Old Cell Phones

New Samsung Initiative Will Allow You to Make Use of Your Old Cell Phones

Generally, when the phone is worn out, you can either recycle it or replace it with a new one. But Samsung is trying to help people turn old Galaxy phones into new IoT devices through its new upgrade program.

Now, with the expansion of their “Upcycling Galaxy Upcycling at Home” service (still in beta), users in the US, UK, and South Korea will be able to use an experimental feature in the SmartThings app, which is designed to improve Galaxy phones take on new life as useful smart home accessories.

Samsung said that by using the app to reconfigure the device’s battery usage and optimize it, even older devices can provide a longer lifespan, while the various wireless connection features mobile phones often have can easily change the phone is paired with other devices in the family.

In the SmartThings app, Samsung offers a variety of functions that older smartphones can perform, including the light sensor function, which can automatically turn on smart lights or even the TV when it gets dark. Alternatively, you can also turn your old Galaxy phone into a sound sensor and use artificial intelligence to detect common household noises, such as dog barking, baby crying, or knocking on the door.

This way, you can also repurpose your old Samsung phone as a baby monitor, depending on the actual age of the phone, which can actually save you money compared to directly exchanging the phone and using the purchased money. New baby monitor.

Of course, even without too much trouble, the updated Samsung phone can also be used as a universal remote, providing an easy way to control video streaming boxes, play music on smart speakers, control lights, and more.

Samsung stated that the goal behind its upgrade program is to provide users with another way to extend the life of the devices they already own and help reduce the environmental impact of Samsung devices through expansion. After all, reused or upgraded equipment can reduce the amount of equipment in the landfill.

In other words, for most people, the biggest hurdle is that repurposing old smartphones generally requires some tinkering and tolerance for DIY solutions, which may require a greater commitment than most people want. This is where you can properly position your new IoT device before considering the need to purchase additional phone stands or mounts.