Partners Of Pimec Elect A New President

Partners Of Pimec Elect A New President

The Catalan SME employers’ association holds elections with two candidates for the first time in 24 years. Antoni Cañete, ‘dolphin’ of the outgoing president, fights with the independence candidate of the ANC, Pere Barrios.

High influx to vote, with queues of more than an hour to be able to deposit the ballot at the headquarters in Barcelona.

The partners of Pimec are summoned this Tuesday at the polls to elect a new president for the employers’ association of small and medium-sized companies in Catalonia. It is the first time in 24 years that the business organization, since its merger with Sefes, has held elections with two candidates, since until now Josep González has run on a consensus list without opposition to all elections .

González decided to end his term last month and opened the electoral race to two candidates: his dolphin and the entity’s secretary general, Antoni Cañete , and the pro-independence candidate promoted by the ANC, Pere Barrios .

The two candidatures managed to gather the minimum guarantees – Cañete achieved 400 , compared to Barrios’ 200 – and this Tuesday they are running for the presidency of Pimec for the next four years. Dozens of partners have gathered since early in the morning at the employer’s headquarters, on Viladomat street in Barcelona, ​​to exercise their right to vote.

To the point that there are waits of about an hour to be able to deposit the ballot, according to several partners through social networks. Any associate can vote in person at any of the headquarters that Pimec has distributed among the four Catalan provinces. Or you can also delegate your ballot to another partner you trust, to cast it for you.

At the moment the voting day is passing without incident, according to sources from the employer’s association, and it is expected that the polls will close at five in the afternoon, to later proceed to the count. Around seven in the afternoon, the electoral board estimates that it will have a final result, which will determine whether it is Antoni Cañete or Pere Barrios who will hold the presidency of Pimec for the next four years.

The electoral campaign has been full of reproaches crossed between both candidates and Barrios has fed from the first day the ghost of the ‘pucherazo’ against his person. This past Monday, 24 hours before the beginning of the elections, the businessman promoted by the ANC presented before the electoral board a battery of allegations about the organization of the electoral process.

A movement lacking, for the moment, of judicial path, but that underpins the story that his candidacy aspires to carry out a ‘revolution’ within the Catalan employers. Similar to the one that the ANC promoted in the Chamber, with Pere Barrios as Joan Canadell’s right hand .

For his part, Antoni Cañete has focused his campaign on highlighting his successes achieved during his time as ‘number 2’ of the outgoing president and on making his program and his team known.

Cañete has the public support of various unions and associations and aspires to consolidate Pimec as the first (although not the only one, as claimed by its rival) Catalan employers. “SMEs have to be on the command bridge”, has been one of the messages that has been repeated with more insistence these days.