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People have already found a reason to bash the new Windows 11 OS 

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system was leaked on Thursday, June 17. The leak shows the complete user interface and more. This appearance first appeared in screenshots posted on the Chinese website Baidu. The interface and start menu in Windows 11 is similar to the original version in Windows 10X. Windows 11, or at least the unfinished version of the next generation of Windows, was leaked online before Microsoft’s Windows event on June 24. , And some people seem to see it as personal. 

The public’s response to new ideas or new products is as common as summer mosquitoes, like biting people. But this time it may be important enough to influence the direction of Microsoft’s next major version of Windows-if you haven’t seen it yet, the leaked Windows development version circulating on the Internet in mid-June reveals the new face of Windows. Old operating systems, including rounded corners and a centered “Start” button. These two new changes alone seem to bother many people, which may affect Microsoft’s messaging and push the company to provide more visual customization options in the final version. For example, some people think that the rounded edges of the new Windows user interface are very similar to what you will see in Apple’s macOS. The centered “Start” button also caused panic, although you can reposition the “Start” button back to the left corner of the taskbar as needed. Some people on the Internet are also worried about how similar the leaked version of the new Windows is to the promotional photos of Windows 10X. 

Windows 10X no longer exists and is optimized for touch screens. It is destined to compete with Chrome OS. Windows 10X was released in 2019 with Surface Neo (a dual-screen laptop that has never been released). It was originally released as a touch version of Windows 10 and was redesigned from the ground up for ease of use and improved security. It was supposed to be released with Neo, but reports earlier this year indicated that the operating system was first postponed and then included in a broader redesign of Microsoft’s core Windows products. It features the version of Windows leaked in the wild and the Windows press conference. On the horizon, these reports seem to be true. 

Microsoft will also integrate the Xbox application into Windows 11 to provide quick access to Xbox Game Pass games (the social part of the Xbox network). The report added that in this early leaked setting, the Xbox game bar and Windows game mode will be the same as in Windows 10. According to reports, Tech Biggie has been developing a new Windows App Store recently, which shows a big change from the current settings.

CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) promised to use Windows in the new store to “free up more financial opportunities for developers and creators.” 

The next big thing for Windows seems to be a subtle redesign, which provides a hodgepodge of small changes, rather than a major overhaul of the aging operating system, and many fans seem a little frustrated. Becoming nervous is uncertain and the source is dubious. Microsoft may have made major changes to Windows in ways that are not obvious from this version. But we must wait until the company holds a Windows press conference at 11 is on Thursday, June 24. M. Eastern Time.

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