Podemos Will Support The ERC Initiative Against King Inviolability

Podemos Will Support The ERC Initiative Against King Inviolability

Podemos stands apart from the PSOE and will support the ERC initiative against the inviolability of the King. The lower house addresses this debate hours after Felipe VI presides over the act of 23-F in the Carrera de San Jerónimo

Unidos Podemos will vote in favor in the Plenary of Congress of the ERC initiative initiative that urges the Government to revoke the inviolability of the head of State and withdraw the apologetic to Juan Carlos I and other members of the Royal Family, as they have indicated to Europe Press sources of the purple formation.

The non-law proposal that those of Gabriel Rufián, which will be debated in the Lower House hours after Felipe VI attends the House to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the failure of the 1981 coup, was presented last July, before the appearance of the information on the judicial investigations opened in Switzerland on the alleged irregularities committed by King Emeritus, who at the beginning of August decided to establish his residence in the United Arab Emirates.

Congress will debate the inviolability of the King after the act of 23-F with Felipe VI

Rejection in the Chamber.
In principle, the initiative will be rejected by the Plenary of Congress, as the PSOE has confirmed to Europa Press that it will vote against, like the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

The president of the United We Can parliamentary group in Congress, Jaume Asens, has taken advantage of the anniversary of the coup attempt of 23F to ensure that “a stronger and just democracy” stops by “investigating the monarchy in Congress and breaking the taboo of its inviolability. ”

On several occasions, the purple formation has demanded in Congress the creation of an investigation commission on the institution. The last time his request was limited to the alleged use of opaque cards by King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.

Precisely King Felipe VI presides over the act organized by the Congress of Deputies to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the failure of the coup attempt on February 23, 1981 and incidentally celebrate the validity of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.