Slack launches new Schedule messages in the future when you’re away from work!

Slack launches new Schedule messages in the future when you’re away from work!

Slack has announced the launch of a new Scheduled Send function, which will begin rolling out today and will allow users to plan messages to be sent at a later time and date. So, you can pretend to be working by having notes ready to go out at specific moments. You may also use it for other purposes, such as reminding your colleagues of an upcoming meeting before you log on for the day.

The feature, which was first noticed by The Verge, is still in the early stages of implementation, so you may not see it or be able to use it right away. If you do happen to see it, here’s what you should do.

The scheduled send functionality in Slack’s desktop version adds a new drop-down arrow to the green “send message” button. A new menu will appear by selecting it, allowing you to schedule a message to be sent to a room, direct message, or group thread at a later time. Long-pressing, the send button in the Slack app on Android and iOS, will bring up a similar menu for mobile users.

According to Slack, you can also modify, delete, or amend the message once it’s been scheduled. To do so, select “Scheduled” from the left sidebar. Select the icon in the top right corner to edit the message you want to update.
Slack will include pre-filled options (such as “tomorrow morning at 9:00AM”) and the flexibility to send a message at a specific date and time. Users will be able to reschedule, modify, or delete scheduled messages up to 120 days in advance, and they will be able to reschedule, amend, or delete scheduled communications before they are sent.

Slack noted in a statement that the new functionality is intended to make it easier for employees working on different schedules and in different time zones to interact successfully. This capability was previously available in services like Gmail, but its addition to Slack is significant.

In a statement, the business said, “Today we launched Scheduled Send to enable users to connect and cooperate in the method that works best for them,” adding that “teams shouldn’t be compelled to sync their schedules in order to interact effectively.”

Given the many time zones and locations that offices both remote, in-person, and hybrid span in today’s work world, the ability to schedule messages is crucial. While email platforms like Gmail have long offered the opportunity to schedule emails for later, Slack has lacked the option until now.

What are your thoughts on Slack’s new Scheduled Send functionality? Is this something you intend to use? Let us know in the comments section!

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