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Sony is Preparing to Port Some of It’s Most Popular PlayStation Games to Smartphones

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Everything in Sony’s plan is in its early stages, but the company is hiring executives from PlayStation Studios to focus on bringing the “hottest franchise” PlayStation to the mobile platform. Mobile games are currently the largest gaming platform. If you have a smartphone, you can play. The latest hits like Fortnite also prove that console-quality games can now be used on smartphone hardware.

In the coming months, we may lose thousands of games from the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP stores, but Sony hopes to bring some of its PlayStation game franchise to the mobile platform.

As reported by Eurogamer, a new job listing appeared at PlayStation Studios in San Mateo, California, with the content for “Mobile Leader.” The checklist explains: “As director of mobile devices, you will own and develop the PlayStation Studios mobile gaming strategy and lay the foundation for future growth opportunities. You will lead all aspects of game development, from consoles and PC to mobile devices and live services Focusing on successfully adjusting the most popular mobile franchise on PlayStation. “

This clearly shows that Sony plans to become a cross-platform developer outside of its own hardware. It has already done this work on PC, porting long-standing PlayStation games like Horizon Zero Dawn, but now it looks like the same will happen on iOS and Android. It paves the way for games named God of War, Uncharted Seas, The Last of Us, and Ratchet and Crank to appear on mobile for years to come. Sony is developing a mobile business plan that spans five years, which shows that it is a long-term plan that is being carried out at the same time as the existing PS5 strategy.

Unsurprisingly, Sony is looking for industry veterans to fill this role. Suitable candidates must have at least 15 years of relevant business experience, as well as specific expertise in “building, developing, and running mobile operations” and “converting IP to the game, console, or mobile device properties.” I suspect that Sony has attracted several candidates.

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