The Matrix 4 hypes up its fans with an interactive trailer!

The Matrix 4 hypes up its fans with an interactive trailer!

In the progress of the launch of the initial trailer for The Matrix Resurrections on Thursday, Warner Bros. has propelled an innovative website emphasizing an interactive and generally conflicting initial look at the latest chapter in the 22-year-old franchise. At, viewers are welcomed with the easy option initially introduced in the 1999 flick The Matrix. Tick on the blue pill and adhere to the reality you have understood your entire life; click on the red pill, and indicate that you can see how mysterious the rabbit hole runs.

The first look at The Matrix: Resurrections is out. If viewers head to their official website, they get to choose a pill. One is colored blue, and the other is red. After clicking on one of the pills, they get to see 180,000 varieties of the teaser. The teaser is compiled from a casual collection of miniature, incremental scenes from the show. 

Everything is so quick and goes in a flash that viewers are left wondering what exactly is happening. Critics have taken many unique screenshots to tell what lies ahead in the road of adventure. The teaser is engaging as well as perplexing. One can see a stubble older man played by Keanu Reeves with a female lead played by Carrie-Anne-Moss. Jessica Henwick, who played in the movie Love and Monsters, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II from Watchmen movie can be seen in the brief trailer. The trailer of the film is quite confusing, and it will finally release on Thursday.

The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth installment of the movie The Matrix, released in 1999. The original also starred Keanu Reeves as Neo and Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus. They were given two choices in the form of blue and red pills. The Blue pill will make the character return to its original place, whereas the red one will make you join the revolution. Similarly, the new website asks you to choose a pill and join the rebellion against enslaving machines. But this time, Matrix fans get a better choice than Neo.

They can pick one option and see the footage and return to choose the next one. Likewise, they get to enjoy both the compilations. The red option will tell you the story from Yahya Abdul Mateen II, and the narrative of the blue one is by Neil Patrick Harris. These actors are a new addition to the franchise. The two different choices will have diverse footage and behind the scenes. Black Cat, the infamous character of The Matrix, also called Glitch in the Matrix, returns in this franchise also. She will do the iconic dripping green computer program doing frozen mid-air leaps.

The film’s first teaser will be out on Sept. 9 at 6 a.m. PT as indicated on the website.

The original cast comprising Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith will return with the new characters. Whereas Abdul-Mateen II, Harris, Christina Ricci, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jessica Henwick, and Jonathan Groff are new members of this franchise. Morpheus, played by Fishburne, will not return in the movie.  

The trailer is not out yet, but Warner Bros have revealed the new title and name in the At CinemaCon event on Tuesday. Few critics and movie analysts have watched the new thrilling teaser. As expected, The Matrix Resurrection is filled with action-packed scenes. Keanu Reeves’s character Neo is talking to his therapist portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. 

Later, Neo appears across Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity in a restaurant, asking, “Have we met?” Supporters of the film series, which started its debut in March 1999, will be well conscious that these figures have — of course — appeared. Yes, this is part of some more extensive settings. 

According to those who viewed the teaser, the action-packed series is back with a refreshed spirit besides the stylish cinematography and camera performance that established the originals. Delivered by Lana Wachowski (her companion Lilly Wachowski, who co-directed the initial trilogy, is catching a prolonged break from the production management), The Matrix Resurrections will also have Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jessica Henwick, and Jonathan Groff, among others. 

Viewers who want to watch with the blue pill listen to the voiceover by Harris’s character. Harris says, “you’ve lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction,” before requesting the viewer to believe that their existence is authentic. As time goes, it displays on the screen, and Harris explains it clearly, stating, “anything else is just your mind executing tricks on you.” 

Contrarily, viewers who tap on the red pill overhear Abdul-Mateen speech showing them that while they think it is the right time — again, with Abdul-Mateen eerily showing the time clearly — “that couldn’t be further from the truth.”  In both the cases, throughout both situations, a set of quick-cut scenes from Resurrections flashes on the website— every time a user agrees on a pill, the footage varies insignificantly. 

The other vital returning cast critics appreciate in this film is Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe. Other actors have not verified their partnership, neither dismissed it. Although in the event of a return like this, many supporters assume some misdirection. Fishburne, for instance, stated that he is not in the film as lately as June of 2021, according to a story by Digital Spy

“I am not in the next Matrix movie and you’d have to ask Lana Wachowski why, ’cause I don’t have an answer for that,” he stated at the event. The teaser shown last month presented it looking like Neo and Trinity had both disremembered the stories of the original Matrix trilogy, and Neo was even running by his initial title of Thomas Anderson. Harris appeared to work as Neo’s therapist, to whom he grieved about having “images that weren’t just dreams.” 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been shooting back-to-back for her Hollywood movies. One of the anticipated projects of hers is Matrix 4, where PeeCee has a crucial part to play. Last night she took to her social media and gave something exciting for everyone to know about the movie.