Thomas Markle Talks About Meghan’s Baby Lili and Throws Accusations at Oprah

Thomas Markle Talks About Meghan’s Baby Lili and Throws Accusations at Oprah

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle expressed his desire to reconcile with his separated daughter and her husband Prince Harry, and to meet with their two children, including their newborn daughter Lily Bet “Lily” Mountbatten-Windsor. 

He reiterated his apology to the couple for the breakdown of their family and accused Oprah Winfrey of conducting an explosive interview with the couple in March and reuniting with Harry alone on the Apple TV+ series exploiting them. According to him, both the interviews pushed the royal family to face a huge public relations crisis. During their joint reunion, pregnant Meghan and Harry criticized the monarchy they left more than a year ago. They also told Oprah that they were expecting a little sister for their 2-year-old son Archie Harrison.

Lily was born in Southern California earlier this month, less than five hours away from Thomas’ beachfront home in Mexico. In a 60-minute interview on the Australian TV show, which was broadcast in full on Sunday, June 13, Thomas revealed how he learned of the birth of his granddaughter. “Don’t answer the phone,” said the 76-year-old retired Hollywood lighting director. “I just heard it on the radio.” Lily was named after Queen Elizabeth II and Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

“Lily is a perfect name,” Thomas said. “The other thing that makes me happy is that there are more Markle bloodlines in the royal family now. All I can say is that I hope to see these grandchildren at some point. I am. Yes, because I am a good grandfather.”

In an interview with Oprah, Megan talked about her difficulties in adapting to life as a member of the royal family and revealed that she once felt suicidal as a member of the royal family. When the couple said that an unidentified family member expressed “concern” about the skin color of their first child in the future, it also surprised interviewers and millions of viewers. When asked about this, Harry’s younger brother, Prince William, later said that his family was not racist.

“The only person who has benefited from it is Oprah Winfrey,” Markel told 60 Minutes. When asked if he thought the TV tycoon was exploiting Meghan and Harry, he replied. “Yes, I do…this is just my opinion. In my opinion, she is fighting for more and more profits.”

Thomas also said that he thinks Harry and Oprah’s Apple TV + psychology The health documentary series “The Me You Can’t See” in which the Duke detailed his wife’s struggles and criticized her royal upbringing in a separate interview.This is a trap. A lot of money,” he said. “I think Harry is in a position where he says he can never take it back…I’m not attacking Oprah, but I really think Oprah is using Harry.”

Meghan and Harry did not respond to Thomas’ comments, which was also two months after he drove to the home of a TV personality in Montecito, California, not far from his family in Sussex, and left a letter to a security guard. She also accepted his interview. “I left a letter to Oprah with my phone number and email, and I said, ‘Give me a chance to tell my story,'” he said in 60 minutes. 

“I said, it’s not It’s fair to tell [his] story without listening to my story. I did not get any response.” Thomas explained that he would never show up at his daughter’s door uninvited. Thomas said, “I would never do that, This makes me a stalker. I am not a stalker”. He also reiterated that since they were two days before the royal wedding in 2018, he has not spoken to Meghan or Harry because he was posing for a photo of the paparazzi published by the tabloid before the wedding, which caused controversy.

In the interview from 2018 with the Sunday Mail, the Duchess’ father admitted that he lied to Harry in a pose at first, saying that he told him they were “measured against him with a hoodie. “Tell him why and how I will solve it. I will try my best to solve it,” Thomas said at 60 minutes. “As always, I love you and I hope we can sit down and talk. I am not an ogre.

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