Works Start To Replace Pavement Of The Plaza De Santa Anna

Works Start To Replace Pavement Of The Plaza De Santa Anna

“At last”, many city dwellers will celebrate . But in fact many more, all those who, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, tend to “ramble”: the Mataró City Council will begin next Monday the 15th the works to replace the pavement of the central part of La Rambla and the Plaza de Santa Anna , which has been in a deplorable state for years.

The renovation of the pavement, which costs 272,000 euros, will be the first urban intervention to become a reality within the framework of the City Center Impulse Plan .

In total, an area of ​​2,020 m2 will be carried out using Blanco Aloya natural granite stone, the same pavement that was laid in its day on the side pavements and in the Riera. With the change of pavement, it will be used to suppress the current step that creates an unevenness and divides the space. Thus, an accessible platform will be created that will facilitate pedestrian movements and the events that take place.

The works will be carried out in two phases . You will start at La Rambla, between Calle de Santa Teresa and Camí Ral. The workspace will be delimited with fences and pedestrians will be diverted along the perimeter sidewalks, which will not be affected. They will not affect the accesses to the underground car park either.

The first phase of the works has an expected duration of a maximum of two months, although care will be taken to shorten this period. This phase will be carried out in conjunction with the renovation works of the drinking water supply network to be carried out by Aigües de Mataró, between the streets of Montserrat and Santa Marta.

Once the first section is finished, the pavement will be replaced in the central area, between the Santa Anna descent and Santa Teresa street. This phase is also expected to have a maximum duration of about 2 months , so that by mid-July all the pavement has been replaced.

Fill the space with green
With the aim of adding green to a very paved space, the City Council also plans to install 73 flower boxes between the Plaza de Santa Anna and the section of La Riera from Santa Anna to La Presó.

This action responds to a request from the public who, in the preparation of the participatory budgets for 2018, proposed carrying out improvement actions in the Plaza de Santa Anna, where 4 new benches and two ornamental planters will also be installed.