Xiaomi TV ES price and specs released ahead of launch

Xiaomi TV ES price and specs released ahead of launch

Xiaomi is not just a smartphone manufacturer, especially when we talk about China, the company has a huge product portfolio in the domestic market, and few countries are lucky enough to have a certain percentage of the most popular products. In terms of products, the company has a very attractive set of smart TVs in China.

The company is currently preparing to launch the new Mi TV 6 series in China on June 28. The company announced today that the new TV series will be accompanied by another smart series called Mi TV ES 2022. The company kindly provided some specifications and price ranges. According to the Xiaomi TV Weibo account, the new Xiaomi TV ES 2022 series is priced at about 4,000 yuan, or about $620.

The company also said that these TV models will have features that are unknown within the specified price range. Some of these features are the most advanced displays. The company claims that the panels included in the Mi TV ES 2022 series support multi-zone local dimming. In addition, the screen provides higher brightness and better color fidelity; smart TVs will also adopt a borderless design and a stylishly slim body. These panels will also have improved built-in speakers and far-field microphones for hands-free voice control.

The new TV is also equipped with more RAM for better performance. These TVs will work well with the Xiaomi ecosystem and will attract people’s attention. The company also confirmed that the new Mi TV ES 2022 series will be available in three different models (screen sizes): 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. These sizes are certainly attractive. In the ultra-high-end segment, we are interested in other aspects, such as the resolution and features of the TV.

From the perspective of size, we expect to be no less than 4K, although 8K will be very interesting in higher top models. Of course, these are just our assumptions. Perhaps the company will retain ultra-high definition for the Mi TV 6 series. We expect to announce more details in the next few days. Unfortunately, like the Mi TV 6 series, we do not. It is possible that we don’t get to see these panels outside of China.

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